Revolutionizing Global Sustainability Via Space Technology

Revolutionizing Global Sustainability Via Space Technology

The Earth from Space Institute (EfSI) is dedicated to building the science that responds to urgent sustainable development challenges across climate, disasters, and energy systems.

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What We Do
Risk Reduction and Resilience
Risk Reduction and Resilience

We produce high-quality satellite data to assess the impacts of disasters on vulnerable populations, providing first responders with near-real time insights.

Environmental Justice
Environmental Justice

We use geospatial data to identify and monitor the effects of differential exposure across disadvantaged populations.

Climate-Smart Solutions
Climate-Smart Solutions

We offer data-driven insights on how urbanization will transform societies and economies, helping identify solutions to reduce humanity's impact on Earth's climate.

We Embrace the Power of Partnerships

The Earth from Space Institute brings together private sector, academic, government, social and philanthropic leaders to build innovative partnerships and technologies resulting in a powerful impact.

- We devise adaptation strategies to sustain our infrastructure and economic prosperity.

- We aim to redefine the earth science mission by zeroing in on the impacts on frontline and vulnerable communities and fundamentally changing the way scientists approach global development challenges.

- We identify and bridge research gaps around complex nature-society systems.

How We Work
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Scientific Expertise

We combine our fundamental knowledge and deep understanding of technical resources available – data sources, availability, applicability, limitations, underlying physical principles, scientific models, predictions, and timelines – with our foundational connection to space agencies and research programs.

We identify and bridge research and user communities who can benefit from the knowledge we connect, understand their needs, and engage them in defining requirements for applied research and field programs.
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Applied Research
Moving from data, to information, to knowledge, to understanding, to informed decisions, to societal benefit in the context of the problems we seek to address. We combine physical and socioeconomic data from our partners, to add value for the stakeholders served.
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Field Programs
We accelerate the transition of the applied research to the real world, with a portfolio of operational products that meet response and long-term recovery needs, with the associated management, governance, and assessments of impact.
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Capacity Building
We sponsor workshops, seminars, symposia, and local town halls for grassroots engagement in the communities served.