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Our Work

As a global provider of scientific value-added expertise in satellite and Earth observation resources, the Earth from Space Institute (EfSI) revolutionizes disaster response, recovery, and community resilience via space technology. We do this by

  • Offering scientific expertise and technology that maximizes the potential application of satellite-based products for decision support.

  • Providing our expertise to front-line decision makers wherever disaster strikes to assist in needs assessment and to provide long-term sustainable solutions.

EfSI uses space-based observations to create unique geospatial value-added products to assist government, industry and NGOs in disaster risk management and recovery to mitigate the impact of future events. These products have been critical to the disaster recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, Mozambique, Laos and other locations.

Strategic Integrative Decision Making

In a recent study, the National Institute of Building Sciences determined that the nation can save $6 in future disaster costs, for every $1 spent on hazard mitigation. EfSI and its partners are working with stakeholders to help achieve this. EfSI and its partners also provide nimble mitigation solutions for the most vulnerable communities through their unique space-based product suite can highlights where disaster recovery resources are most needed. We do this by

  • Enhancing the monitoring and prediction of disasters.
  • Quantifying the direct and indirect economic impacts of disasters.
  • Addressing the compounding effects of urban development.
  • Catalyzing action around the confluence of challenges that disaster risk communities face.